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My co-worker recently wrote about the global ministry at the Timberlake Outreach Center, with people coming here from all over the world (see blog from May 18, 2010 – The World at Our Doorstep). They come not only with many different languages, but, with language barriers. Somehow, God always makes a way to communicate! Here is one such story…

I recently met with a mother and her three children. The baby was crying while one child danced about like a hummingbird. I decided it might be too much to ask them to come to my office to complete the service form, so I sat down beside her. I noticed the dancing child wore a harness around her belly, with wires coming from it. I asked the mother what this was, but the mother could not speak English. As my eyes followed the wires, I discovered it was a cochlear implant for hearing. The little girl was deaf – thus her freedom to dance unhindered!

Her mom was a mixture of frustration and embarrassment – until I raised my shirt and showed her my cochlear implant, attached to the waist of my pants. A HUGE smile of relief and disbelief spread across her face. She spoke to her little girl in their language, and she came to stand before me. I lifted my shirt and showed her my receiver – but the little girl did not understand. Then I showed her the part that is magnetized to my head, and her eyes grew as wide as the smile on her face. She proceeded to show me hers! I don’t see others with a cochlear implant very often, but for that moment, we shared something. We didn’t need language to do so.

That is so God. He puts people in our path, and makes a way, when none seems clear. I am certain this little girl and her mother left here with hope for their future. Something so unusual and as rare as a cochlear implant was used to bridge our communication barrier. See the irony in that? That is God!

Kelli Young
Community CaseManager

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