Christmas Cards!

Do you have Christmas cards (or any greeting cards) leftover? You know when you needed 30 cards but had to buy 36. These cards can accumulate and overtake valuable storage space. Please consider donating unused extra cards to Open Door Mission. Your donation of cards will bless our guests by letting them send cards to their family and friends. The Friends of the Mission help with postage and making sure the cards get mailed. We would appreciate it if you would like to donate postage too. Your donation of your extra cards can make a difference. It is gift that helps create a feeling of family and friendship.

The whole family can get involved in either making cards or signing cards. Your gift of a signed card (first name only please) and an encouraging message would be a Christmas blessing. I know from hearing them talk our guest especially love homemade cards from children. So store bought or homemade, to give or to bless Christmas cards are a joy.





Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator

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