Chris Morris Volunteer & Partner Director

May 19, 2007  |     |   General

Spring has sprung, and things are greening up! All over the metro area, partners of ODM are sprucing up their yards and planting their gardens. We are so grateful for the faithfulness of our friends, and the homegrown vegetables that they (with God’s help) will grow and share with the people of our community through the Timberlake Outreach Center.

One partner, Pat , felt a very special call this spring to take her garden up a notch. Pat felt that God wanted her to organize a community garden right here at ODM and has been working tirelessly with others over the past few weeks to make it happen. Pat has been raising funds for this Outreach Garden one dollar at a time. She asks each person to contribute just one dollar, and encourages them to ask someone else for a dollar and so on. The Power of One is paying off as our funds for this project and community awareness are growing one dollar and one person at a time.

The community garden here at ODM is in the final planning stages. Pat intends to get plants in the ground in the very new future. It will take many hands to plant, tend weed, water and care for our garden. A community garden really will take a community of people working together to make it happen. We can use your help!

Please pray about how God might want you to be involved with this project, or in some other way here at Open Door Mission. Pray hard, and then follow His call right to our doors where you are always welcome to share your gifts and blessings as you bless others. Hope starts with a meal, and with your help, that meal can start with homegrown vegetables from God’s garden right here at ODM.