Cherished Teddies

Sep 17, 2014  |     |   General

Several years ago I attended a church that took part in an annual district women’s retreat. Any church in the district that had participants at the retreat were asked to put together a themed basket. There were a multitude of themes filling the baskets with books, chocolate, gardening supplies, teddy bears and almost anything else that could be created. These baskets were used as centerpieces on the tables and then randomly raffled off during the retreat.
Each participant’s name was placed in a bowl for the raffle. At different breaks throughout the retreat a retreat organizer would walk up to a table that had a basket, draw a name and the basket would be theirs.
I like teddy bears, chocolate and roses. At one retreat the organizer approached a chocolate and teddy bear themed basket. She chose my name from the bowl, remember…randomly. I was very excited. I love winning things.
In investigating the contents of the basket I found a small ceramic teddy bear wearing a hat decorated with roses. This is a “Cherished Teddies” brand in which they are each named at the time they are made. Turning my bear over I saw that her name is Janet.
Random? God is interested in even the smallest details of our lives.

Janet Henderson