Celebrate Who You Are

Aug 18, 2017  |     |   General

      This morning, I was reading in Corinthians about the gifts that God has instilled in and promised to each one of us. As I thought about the scriptures I was reading, I began to wonder what may be inside of me that God is still developing. What gifts am I not aware of yet? At the same time, I thought about how easy it is for us to focus on what others have and what others are doing, while completely overlooking the potential in our own lives. 
     God has given each of us special gifts. There are special talents and gifts inside of us that are waiting to be developed. Think about where you were five years ago or even last year. You probably are not the same person, and of course, you will continue to grow as time goes on. We should not compare ourselves to others or think, “I don’t have the talent like that person does, so I’m not as important.” The truth is that we are all important, we all have a part to play in building His kingdom, and we need to learn to love who we are. 
     Remember that we are all growing and changing every single day. God has given each of us special gifts. Everyone carries tremendous value in this life. Get excited about seeing your life unfold! Celebrate who you are today, and who you are becoming in your future.

Dawn Lindsey
Communications Specialist