Cars for Graduates

Did you know that Open Door Mission helps our graduates become car owners? Open Door Mission and Chariots 4 Hope help the graduates become even more independent with their own “wheels’.  The process of receiving a car is not just handing over the keys. There steps along the way for the graduates to show they can be responsible car owners.

The applicant has to graduate from the New Life Recovery Program. This can seem daunting when you fighting an addiction, but those that succeed have a future of hope. After graduating, the person submits a request for a car. They have to be able to provide insurance for the car, costs and taxes to license the vehicle, have a current driver’s license and be able to keep up the maintenance on it. The graduate sees that owning a car is a responsibility that is not taken lightly, it is a blessing to help them succeed.

Do you have a “running” car you can donate? Open Door Mission would love the gift of vehicle that can benefit our graduates. Your vehicle gift is also tax deductible. By donating a car to the Mission you can change someone’s life dramatically. The best part is you will know that whomever receives your car will appreciate it and take care of it. It is a “win-win” blessing. Contact Amy H. for more information and details to donate a vehicle to Open Door Mission. (aharvey@opendoormission.org)






Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator

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