Candace from Canada

Jul 27, 2007  |     |   General

Wow, God really has a sense of humor.

First of all, I am on vacation with my family visiting my mother and father in New Brunswick – I have a new Treo. You know the new one with great technology that you can answer email immediately, find a phone number at your finger tips, and make call at a moments notice. Well, down here on the river in the valley, I have NO SERVICE. This has only happened to me one other time and that was in Branson, MO. I never went back there for another vacation either. So, if I want to work, I have to take the time to turn on the computer, boot up, wait, wait and wait some more… My how technology spoils TYPE A personality people.

Second of all, many of you know this but I hate the heat. Yup, that’s right it makes me irritable, cranky and I detest sweating.. I love air conditioning in cars, central air in homes and winter time. Well, we are in an all time heat wave. Summers here in Canada are usually a nice toasty 75 degrees. This is our second day pushing 90 degrees and you guessed it NO central air up here in this part of the country. You do not typically need it. Not even a window air unit. I told you God has sense of humor.

Great day,today, many of you know that one of my first clients when working for the government in the Human Service field was a three year old boy named Joel. Joel has spina bifida. He has been part of my life since 1987. We have gone to Disneyland, taken summer and school vacations, together. He has visited my family in Omaha and has volunteered at the Mission. Well, Joel and his fiance, Jen, stopped by to visit, today. It is simply amazing what God has done in his life. I cannot believe the blessings.

Well, I am off to play Mexican Train… that’s what we do up here, on vacation.