Candace From Atlanta, Georgia

May 17, 2007  |     |   General

Good Morning Omaha,

Myself and seven staff are in awesome Atlanta. We are attending the National Association of Gospel Rescue Mission’s conference of Rescue workers throughout North America. It is an opportunity for training, networking and learning. I have been out of the hotel twice since Sunday, and following are both experiences.


Well, I have to tell you Atlanta’s public transportation is much more economical and efficient. People of all walks of life are using the MARTA for $2.25 round trip 24/7. Imagine, the job opportunities, housing searches, medical appointments, educational opportunities,that are available because of the equal opportunity through public transportation. Plus, the MARTA is clean in appearance from the outside and inside appearances.I don;t want to sound ungrateful because after 10 years of lobbying the Open Door Mission is finally on the bus line BUT have you used the MAT public transportation system, lately? Oh, by the way they do have panhandlers here in Atlanta. They are much more innovative. When tourists request directions from panhandlers, after giving very good directions, they lift their hand up rubbing their fingers together, requesting payment. This seems to work better than the cardboard sign, “Will work for food.” Something more to think about.


Well, the bottled water in the hotel is $6.00 and that is ridiculously ludicrous. So, The Open Door Mission’s Director of Finance and Administration and I spoke to the hotel concierge to research options outside the hotel. We found that there was a Walgreens four blocks from the hotel BUT we would have to walk through a homeless park, his words not mine. Richard and I just laughed. It was a shady area that we walked through and there were quite a few people that appeared homeless BUT we didn’t bother them and they didn’t bother us. WE found something better than Walgreens, a PUBLIX, and right inside the grocery store door cases of water $4.99. We loaded up our grocery cart and away we went. We were feeling pretty good about our adventure.

Well, off to another training seminar, I am learning so much and have so much to learn..