“By Being so Broken I Was Given a Gift”

I feel very blessed to be standing up here today. The two things I am most grateful for are a renewed sense of purpose and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
I would like to thank the entire staff here at Open Door Mission for all their help and wisdom. John Lindsey in particular helped me with a few personal struggles concerning faith. Thank you.
When I arrived at Open Door Mission, I was spiritually bankrupt. I had experienced financial devastation and the need to rebuild after a prior marriage and divorce. When my wife passed away in 2015, I experienced a hopelessness I never imagined.
     I did not see a purpose in life. I could not find a reason to exist merely for the sake of existing. Although I did not consider myself to be suicidal, I was drinking so much that I was hospitalized several times. I often went to bed hoping that I would not wake up.
In a strange way, by being so broken I was given a gift.

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.” –Matthew 5:3

I have found hope again here at the Mission. Not because the things I lost have been restored, but because the things I value have changed. I can feel the Holy Spirit inside of me. I love spending time in the Word. I know that if I can stay out of God’s way and let Him run the show, He has a plan for my life.

Open Door Mission Graduate

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