Building a Stable Home

Oct 12, 2015  |     |   General

     Some of you may remember Shawn’s journey, which he shared in last December’s newsletter.  He grew up with an alcoholic father and a gambling mother, and spent the first part of his adult life addicted to meth and raising his children in a car.
     After years of attempts at recovery programs, custody battles, and moving all across the nation, Shawn moved his family into Open Door Mission.  Here, he learned that he is powerless to change without turning his whole life over to God.
     Today, we ask that you celebrate with us as Shawn has graduated from the New Life Recovery program received a donated car.  He is well on his way to building a stable home for him and his children, thanks to those who donate time and/or resources to Open Door Mission.
     “I really, honestly believe that [the Mission] touches everyone.  Even for those who only stay a short while, a foundation is being built.”
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Beatrice Krause
Marketing Coordinator