Brotherhood of Love

The guests that come to Open Door Mission’s Garland Thompson Men’s Center are special guys. They have usually been through a lot of trials in their lives.  They have seen addiction, gangs, prison and even violent deaths. These men have faced some kind of rejection most of their lives. At Open Door Mission they find acceptance and love. The staff at the Garland Thompson Men’s Center has a genuine heart to see these men turn their lives around and be successful in all they do. The men see that the love and even the” tough love” that is there is true and meant to help them. They respect the staff because of the position, but they come to love the staff because they are being loved by them. It is the principle Jesus showed before His crucifixion and through His crucifixion.  The Garland Thompson Men’s Center staff loves unconditionally. The men learn to trust them, believe what they say and in time trust God too.

The love that is share at the Garland Thompson Men’s Center is exemplified by recent events. One of the staff, Pat, lost his adult son to a long fight against diabetes and all its complications. The men let Pat know they were praying for him and standing beside him in love with one simply picture.


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