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Nov 26, 2007  |     |   General

Did you here the details of the Brookside shopping event? A small group at brookside asked Pastor Steve if he would be willing to do something spontaneous. The small group was aware that area food banks were low. They talked to someone at ODM and asked what type of canned goods were needed. They asked Steve to announce to both services that when they leave church, they would be given a list of food that was needed at the mission. The members were asked to go to one of three grocery stores and shop for items on the list and then return to Brookside within an hour or two to fill the U-haul. It was so much fun. Our family ran to Walmart. Walmart provided donuts and coffee to shoppers from our church. Before introducing this impromptu event, Pastor Steve announced to the congregation that he has personally felt a new burden to do more for the poor and needy in the world.

It was so much fun.


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  1. My best friend was up from Texas for Thanksgiving and came with me to church that day. (I got to Brookside) She was impressed with how quickly the entire congregation rallied around this simple request that Pastor Steve made.

    Our family (my best friend and her kids too) piled into our van and drove to Sam’s Club where you can by a lot in bulk. When we returned back to the church I saw so much food sitting outside of the U-Haul that I had to wonder if they were going to have enough room.

    It was a good feeling to know that we were helping the needy, hungry, and homeless right here in our town.

    – Angela Stevens

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