Break Fast for Breakfast

Open Door Mission serves over 3,000 meals daily, some of those meals are breakfast. It is especially important for children to eat breakfast. Growing children need the minerals and vitamins found in fortified cereal. It is even more important for children to break their fast from dinner to breakfast. By eating breakfast children get a jump on better eating habits and good nutrition. Breakfast gets the body ready to face the day.

Children that eat breakfast do better in school; their performance on tests goes up significantly. Having breakfast helps prevent overeating and childhood obesity. Children have more energy, which leads to more activity, which is also good for optimum development. By providing breakfast for children you set good eating habits. Many schools provide free breakfast for their students; but they are finding that many children have to leave so early, that a second breakfast is just as important as the first breakfast. Growing children can easily use the energy from home and school breakfasts.

You can help Open Door Mission stock our shelves with cereal. You can donate that extra box when there is a sale. Schools and churches can have a drive to collect cereal; bring your favorite cereal is a good way to start. By doing a cereal drive you can not only provide for those that live at Open Door Mission but the community that we also serve. The Timberlake Outreach Center provides pantries to those living on the edge, the working poor. Helping stock our pantry shelves will provide breakfast for children in need. To do a drive check out our website: www.opendoormission.org





Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator

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