Brand New Kicks

May 11, 2015  |     |   General

          It starts when we’re young: that boost of confidence from putting on a pair of brand new shoes.  Nothing started off a new season better than some sweet kicks to show off to your friends.  We all walk a little taller, strutting our stuff, when our feet are pampered the first time we wear a pair of shoes.
     When I was in elementary school, the coolest things were light up shoes and Sketchers tennis shoes.  If you had Sketchers that lit up…you were the coolest kid in the whole class.
     But imagine for a second having only ever worn hand-me-down shoes.  Shoes that are too big or too small, shoes stained beyond cleaning, shoes with holes in the toes.  A kid’s confidence would surely take a hit for wearing shoes like that.     
     That’s why it was such a joy to see our Lydia House kids getting to pick out a brand new pair of shoes at Payless.  They were able to choose whatever style, color, and type of shoe they wanted.  And they were able to buy shoes that fit their feet exactly.  That will make a kid feel like a million bucks.
     On the bus ride home, I heard kids chatting excitedly, saying things like
     “I can’t wait to show my mom my new shoes.”
     “Everyone at school is going to love these new shoes.”
     “These will go with every outfit!”
     Thank you to Payless for their generosity and for remembering the little things that mean so much to the homeless children at Open Door Mission.

Beatrice Krause
Marketing Coordinator