Bonding in Christ and Recovery

Recovery isn’t just sitting in a classroom or counseling sessions. It is important for our guests to have other life experiences. This fall Taylor, the Permanent Supportive Housing Administrative Assistant, took a group of men in the New Life Recovery program on a weekend camping trip. Time away from Open Door Mission still leads to self-discovery and growth. Here is what happened on that trip form their leader Taylor.

This past weekend we had a unique trip with some of the men from our recovery program to MAN CAMP. It started off listening to a great mix of Christian Rap Music that we moved to as we drove for an hour to the camp. With the mood set so high for the weekend, we proceeded to swim, water slide, kayak, fish, shoot, and learn. The theme for one of the talks was that of “You will be forgotten.” Just as most men are forgotten as the years march on, so shall we be, but our King will be remembered. We should give our lives in service of the kind King who knows our names. While in the midst of one of our activities, one of our men just burst into a praise-filled prayer of that kind King. It was a wonderful weekend and God’s hand is at work!





Taylor Clinch
 Guest Blogger

Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator

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