Blessings Keep Growing

Sep 8, 2010  |     |   General

Last October, I told you about an amazing young man from Cuba who came to America with his mother, in search of a better life. Since then, Joel has graduated high school. He was also chosen to receive the Paul Jepsen Foundation UNO scholarship. Praise God! He exclaimed, “I can go to college now, Ms. Kate!”

About a month ago, he knocked on my door and said, “Ms. Kate, I have something to show you!” He then pulled out his newly obtained NE drivers license and a smile covered his face. He took me outside to show me the car he had gotten. Joel told me, “Ms. Kate, I got an IT job that I can work part-time while attending UNO! God does have a plan for my life!”

The following week I talked to him and his mother about starting college. I asked if he had everything he needed and he said he did. He would be purchasing his books soon and had a library card so he could use their computers to do homework. At that moment, I pulled a generously-donated laptop out from under my desk and handed it to him. I told him, “Joel, you might need this to type all of your papers. Will this help?” He and his mother quietly broke into tears. He was so blessed by the donation, he was speechless. His mother just kept saying, “thank you, thank you”, as she patted my hand.

August 23rd, Joel stepped foot onto the UNO campus for his first college course. He has a full schedule this year but is eager to get started. Please pray for him as he takes this next step into the new adventure God has planned for him.

Kate Fischer
Emergency Services Coordinator

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