Blessings for WorkNet

Jan 14, 2016  |     |   General

     Last week was Salon Day for the WorkNet class.  WorkNet is a program at Open Door Mission that works to set our guests up for success in the workplace with training on things such as interviews, applications, and resumes.
     The wonderful ladies at Authentic You Salon blessed the WorkNet class with makeovers–haircuts and colorings.  It was awesome to see the huge smiles on their faces when these hardworking men and women saw the result of their transformations!
     This was like icing on the cake for these men and women that have worked so hard on making changes in their lives.  Not only do they feel refreshed spiritually and personally, but they now feel refreshed physically.  These makeovers gave each of them the boost of confidence they needed.
     This is a great example of the community caring and giving back.  Now we are ready for mock interviews, promotions, and graduation!

Gerry Ford
Evening House Supervisor