Blessed to Volunteer

Recently I made a new friend, Delphin. She came into Administration building looking for a place to volunteer. I happily sent her over to help at the Kitchen. (They can always use help 9-11, making sack lunches). She came back to Administration about 2 hours later…to thank me! She said she felt blessed to have been able to help.

She asked about more volunteering opportunities, but not on a set schedule, as she is a pharmacy student at Nebraska Medical Center. I showed her the Open Door Mission website (www.opendoormission.org) and how to find the “walk-in” hours. She was thrilled there were so many opportunities to volunteer, on her time schedule. As we talked, I learned that not only is she a student, she is a mother of 4 children! WOW, as busy as she is she wants to give back, because she has known “want” in her life. Delphin is from Cameroon and has seen lives rooted in poverty. She feels blessed to volunteer at Open Door Mission, where those that have, share with those in need. Delphin left the Mission feeling blessed, I felt blessed just having met her and I know the homeless on the streets will be blessed this day because she volunteered to make sack lunches.






Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator

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