Blessed Assurance

Oct 25, 2017  |     |   General

     A couple of weeks ago Mark met with Open Door Mission’s Discipleship Counselor, David. During this meeting, Mark found salvation in Christ! A couple of weeks later, I was meeting with Mark for discipleship, and this is where team work comes in. Mark was in need of a boost of encouragement about his salvation. Here is my discipleship note I entered in the Discipleship assessment after our meeting:
     I met with Mark tonight. Though he has prayed and asked Christ into his life, he was still unsure of if he had eternal life. We talked about that. I went through a number of verses with him that spoke about having eternal life in Christ. I shared John 1:9, Romans 6:23, and 1 John 5:12-13 among others.
     I asked, “Do you have a pair of glasses on your face?” He did, by the way. He answered, “Yes I do.”  I went back and forth with him about his assurance that he had glasses on his face. He knew he did! We went over the verses mentioned earlier, and it was like a light bulb went on. He beamed and stated that he knew he had eternal life! 
     We are here to hang in with our people in the program. They need us to be patient with them and pour the truth of God’s Word into their lives. Praise God for the assurance of our salvation. Please keep Mark in your prayers.

Greg Johnston
Health Care Case Manager