Bless Us with Your Car!

March 7, 2012  |     |   General

Recently, my husband I have had some issues with our vehicle. This has affected every part of our lives as we now have to figure out logistics for work, school, after school activities, church and church activities with ONE car! It’s been a difficult adjustment for our family…can you relate?

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting with one of our graduates and we began the paperwork process for her to receive a donated vehicle from the Open Door Mission! Did you know that the Open Door Mission takes donated vehicles? We do!

When you donate a vehicle, you are doing something HUGE for a program graduate (and their family). In this case, it’s a single mom who is employed full time and has a son that is in school. Right now, she has to get him ready in the mornings, they wait together until the school bus comes and she walks the ½ mile to work each day. Her work hours revolve around his school schedule so that she has enough time to walk back from work and be here each day to get him off of the school bus. Trips to the grocery store are made when friends or family have time to take her.

Having a vehicle is really going to open up the possibilities for this family! She will now be able to get to work, get her son to and from school and get shopping done as needed. Her son will be able to play sports and she will be able to take him to practices and games without worrying that someone that promised to take them might not follow through. What a blessing!

If you have a running vehicle that you are not using, or know someone who does, would you prayerfully consider donating it to the Open Door Mission? We offer a Gift In Kind Receipt for your donation that can be used on your taxes and at the same time you would be blessing another family. To donate a vehicle, contact Amy Harvey at 402-829-1511. Thank you!

Amy Harvey