Big Payoffs

Mar 2, 2012  |     |   General

Some jobs one works for years to get that big contract job. Other jobs are worked long and hard to snag a big business account. Even others you work for years to get that big office. Some you work to get that big group of people working for you. Still more jobs are worked to get to the point where there is a big pension/retirement so no more work is needed. All people working jobs are looking for the big payoff. Some will end the search for money, fame, or power. Some may never get the “big payoff” they search for, but they search nonetheless.

Having a relationship with Jesus opens ones’ eyes to the “really big payoff.” It has enabled me to see the payoff for my sins made. I have been given the payoff of a new life, a new life in Christ. Money, fame, and power will all fade and be forgotten. All three will fail in death, but the payoff Christ Jesus offers is the payoff that Defeats death. Since I have this sweet “payoff” it has become my being to help others to get it. It is my honor to tell others of the “boss” who offers the “biggest” payoff available. At the Open Door Mission this is part of my job. It is wonderful to have your job encourage you so share the gospel. In working here, you get to see other “big payoffs” as well. When a family moves forward in their life and leaves behind an old life, and you had a part (however small) in it, that is a “big payoff.” When a kid headed down the wrong path recieves Christ and is baptized, that is a “big payoff.” When you sit across from a student as they search the scriptures, searching for the answers to deep questions, that is a “big payoff.” In short, the “big payoff’s” come from Christ!

Look for, invest in, work at, bank on, and count on, your relationship with Christ to Deepen.

Taylor Clinch
Volunteer and Partner Associate