Best Kind of Report

May 9, 2016  |     |   General

     There is nothing better for me than to hear these kind of reports from the community.
 A bonus is when a radio personality gets treated so well by a staff member that they talk about Open Door Mission, our ministry, and how awesome our team is during their radio show all day!  WAHOO—this shout out is for Jesse!

Hey Candace!  I wanted you to know that I dropped off 82 pounds of girls’ clothes, board games, and linens yesterday at the Elkhorn Outreach/Donation Center.  I have to tell you that the staff member there, Jesse, was AWESOME!  I pulled up at 5:33 p.m. and I figured it was closed, but then the door opened and Jesse came out to greet me with his big wagon.   He was so pleasant and friendly.
Then all of the sudden you see like three or four more cars coming up to the door.  He said, “Soooo…did y’all meet at the gas station and decide to come today?”  Hilarious!  He was so pleasant and so appreciative of all of our donations.  Great guy!  Thought I’d let you know.

     I am thanking God for the staff members He has blessed us with, especially for Jesse!  Thank you to all of you for being Christ to our donors, volunteers, and guests.

Candace Gregory