Being Jesus With Skin On

Nov 9, 2015  |     |   General

     I pray that we as Christians always remember to be the hands and feet of Jesus.
     As I was driving home from work the other day, I saw on the other side of the road a homeless man lying halfway in the road, halfway on the sidewalk.  This was in downtown Omaha, and I know people saw him.  Runners were just walking over him, and no one was stopping to help.

This story is the real-life version of the Good Samaritan.

     I parked a block away, got out of my car, called 911.  Then I went to the man, and could instantly tell that he was drunk and not very coherent.  I asked if he lived at any of the nearby shelters, but he shook his head.  So I bent down to his level, prayed for him, and told him I would stay until the paramedics came.  I let him know I cared for him and that God does too.
     No one else stopped to help us, it would have been impossible for people to not see us.  My heart broke at their apathy.  When the paramedics came, I explained that I worked at Open Door Mission and couldn’t just drive by a man in need.  The paramedics thanked me, told me they know who he is, and said they would take him to the hospital.
     As I continued my drive home, I was in shock.  People just don’t care for others nowadays, and I know it is because they themselves need Jesus.  I thank each staff, volunteer, and donor who cares enough to be Jesus to our guests.
     It’s easy for the world to walk by and not care, but our eyes are more open than that.  We know that man is someone’s son, uncle, nephew, or brother.  We know that if he was our family member, we would hope someone would stop to show him compassion and love.

Amy Buss
Human Resources Director