Being a Good Neighbor

Tomorrow, September 28th, is National Good Neighbor Day. Open Door Mission encourages those in our New Life Recovery Program to give back, pay it forward for someone else. We are also blessed to give our students special outings to sports games or concerts. Recently John, at the Garland Thompson Men’s Center, had a chance to take the men on a “helping our neighbors” outing and a concert. Here is his story.

“This past Friday, the men in our different programs were given the opportunity to help set up for the Big Daddy Weave concert which was taking place that following evening. The Open Door Mission was able to send out 19 men, including myself in order to set up the stage and lighting, as well as direct traffic for the attending audience. In return, all men were able to enjoy the concert that evening and were even provided a lunch for their efforts. It ended up being an awesome evening, especially when we were all able to look at the stage and see the handy work that each men were able to provide. “




John Horsechief
Guest Blogger

Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator

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