Be Still, Just Be Still

“During a recent virus outbreak at the Lydia House, Assistant Director Shelly spoke words of encouragement toward her staff and was able to show a true sense of leadership. The idea of fear and trust in the Lord was emphasized. Shelly says, “We are all human and it’s easy to think that what we are dealing with is bigger than our God. Oh how we need to remember that he still has authority over the storm. He still stands beside us and whispers, ‘Be Still, just Be Still’.” I was reminded that even in a pandemic, even in a worst case scenario, Jesus always shows up, he wraps around us and promises that he is here, he is our strength and he is our peace. He is our antidote to fear! “It is evident that the only way to overcome these trying times is through our trust and hope in the Lord. Let these guiding words offer hope for each and everyone of you throughout this week!”

-Written by John Horsechief

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