Be Ready for What You Ask God For

May 11, 2016  |     |   General

     This morning as we opened the Council Bluffs Outreach/Donation Center, Phil and I were asking our Father for people to encourage and give hope to.  Shortly after this prayer, we saw Him at work.

     A young man was waiting at our front door so we invited him in.  Right behind him stood two other young men.  I asked the first man what we could assist him with, and he said he wants to get off the streets and have his life back.  I asked him if he knew about Open Door Mission, and then the two other men stepped into our conversation.  They had both been part of the recovery programs at the Mission and spoke about what a great place it was.  Both men explained that they were now sober and had gotten their lives back through the help of Open Door Mission. They told him it would be the best decision he could ever make.  They also warned that the program won’t be easy, but it’s worth it!
     He is now being picked up by our van to start fresh in Open Door Mission’s New Life Recovery Program.
     Pray for Jeff as he is weary and tired but ready to have his relationship with God back on track and his life on a new path to freedom.  Isn’t God AMAZING ?  He hears our prayers!

Laura Keen
Homeless Prevention Manager