Be an Angel

August 22nd is National Be an Angel Day. Have you ever thought about how you can be an Angel to someone, maybe even several someones? The joy of being an angel is that you get the blessing too. Being an angel doesn’t require money, special talents or skills, a certain age; all it requires is a compassionate heart. Open Door Mission is blessed to a lot of angels, but we can always use more. There are never too many angels in this world. Would you consider being an angel for Open Door Mission?

There are so many opportunities to volunteer to bless the guest at Open Door Mission; some of them don’t even require you leaving your home. We have lots of suggests and ideas on our web page, but we also love to hear your ideas. We always love to have donors and volunteers come down to the Mission to see firsthand the good work we can do together. Won’t you please consider being an angel today? Check out our web page for ideas…https://www.opendoormission.org/get-involved/





Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator

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