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August 23, 2010  |     |   General

John came to the Mission about 4 months ago. He had fallen on bad times, lost his job and apartment and had nowhere to stay. When he got here, he heard about the Journey to Work program and said he would like to participate. He started and about two months later, decided that he was going to turn himself in because of some past legal matters. He did not have any money to pay for restitution and knew he would have to spend some time in jai. He was expecting the judge to incarcerate him for about 6 months. He asked me to write a letter explaining where he was and what he was doing—that he was trying to make things right. I wrote, explaining the Journey to Work program for the judge. Before signing it and handing it to him, we said a prayer to bless this letter.

He left the Mission to go and serve his time. He was given only 30 days! Then John was back in the Journey to Work program and had no more legal matters pending. He said now he just needs to get a job. I connected him with an employer in the community who hired him, and his first day of work was 8/18/10. John is thankful the Lord blessed him with this second chance and that the Open Door Mission has accepted him back into the Journey to Work program.

To God be the Glory.

Tyrone Abdul
Journey To Work Coordinator

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