At the Eleventh Hour

Aug 15, 2017  |     |   General

Photo by Doug Walters on Unsplash.

     It ended up being one of those busy nights at the Garland Thompson Men’s Center. I got things wrapped up and handed off to the night shift staff members, and was preparing to head home.
     That’s when Kyle comes in, at the literal eleventh hour. He sees me and tells me, “I’m ready to surrender my life to God, Grandpa.” He looked like he had been through the grinder. You could read discouragement all over his face. 
     What am I to do? I thought I was ready to go home, but turns out God had different plans! We went into my office and talked about what it means to surrender to God. I shared with him that God is a Holy God and we are wholly sinners. God will judge sin. But Christ took our place on the cross, and in doing so He took the weight of our judgment.
     I asked him if there was any reason he would not ask Christ to save him. He said, “There is not.” He prayed and afterwards he knew he had eternal life in Christ. Hallelujah!
     Sometimes God’s timing isn’t convenient. His plans don’t fit into our plans. But it is so important to be open to what He’s calling you to, because the salvation of lives is on the line! I was willing to go an extra hour without sleep to be sure I’ll see Kyle in heaven for all eternity. Strive to be adaptable when God places opportunities in front of you.
     Keep Kyle in your prayers.

Greg Johnston
Health Care Case Manger