As the Seasons Change

Sep 12, 2013  |     |   General

  Every season  brings different needs and different reasons to donate and volunteer at the Open Door Mission.  Jeremiah 31:25 says: ” For I have given rest to the weary and joy to the suffering”. That statement is one thing that never changes here.

  In the hot summer months we provide safe, cool shelter for those guests who want to come and enter our doors. Donors help provide many fans and cases of water. Volunteers help set up food pantries and go out into the community to provide sack lunches and bottled water.
   When Fall comes, there is our back to school bash for the children who reside here. Donors help provide new school outfits and shoes to help bring joy to the sorrowing. Thanksgiving meals are also provided by our donors for a holiday meal  to people in our community.  Volunteers once again help to distribute these. 
   Winter and cold weather arrives and new coats and hats are provided for those in need. Christmas gifts are given to families and single men and women. Warm beds and nutritious meals are available for those who are weary and need rest. Once again, donors are providing the coats, the toys, and the food needed for so many.  Volunteers come to serve our guests in the kitchen, to wrap toys, to distribute gifts. This truly is a season which can bring joy to the sorrowing.
   Finally Spring arrives and for many it brings hope. When the grass turns green, the trees bud, and flowers bloom there seems to be a newness in the air. But for may, they are still tired and weary. They are full of sorrow. The Open Door Mission and it’s many donors and volunteers is still here. Warm, meals are still served here, new clothes are provided here, the gospel is shared here.
   I like working at a place where so many employees, donors and volunteers truly care for the weary and sorrowing. Come be a part of something awesome.
Sue King
Development Associate

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