Aquaponics at ODM

Sep 16, 2014  |     |   General

We now have two aquaponics beds on the Open Door Mission Campus.  There has been a great deal of learning involved in this process.  We are successfully growing romaine lettuce and white Nile Tilapia.  If you are not familiar with Aquaponics, it is the process of using nutrients from fish waste to grow healthy plants.  The plants clean the water and make it healthy for the fish.  All solid material is stored on the bottom of the grow bed, and therefore the water is crystal clear.  We just planted some romaine starts in our second bed, and will have up to 60 lettuce plants every 6 weeks year round with minimal ongoing expenses.  Here is a picture of the cycle, and of our newest bed with some baby romaine.  If you would like to see this or anything else going on at Open Door MIssion, please visit or call 402-422-1111

Jason Green, Director of Operations