Answering God’s Phone Call

It has been my privilege to answer the phones at Open Door Mission’s Administration reception desk these past 3 weeks. Answering phones requires knowing a little about a lot. It also means you will wear a variety of “hats”. Most importantly? You are the introduction for someone to Open Door Mission. This carries a lot of responsibility.
You are not just “answering” the phone; you may be a lifeline for a desperate young mother. You are the person that can instill the glimmer of hope to a lost and lonely veteran. You are a prayer warrior for a parent at their wit’s end, seeking help for a child involved in drugs. You are encouraging a prisoner looking for a place to stay clean and develop tools to make a new life.
Answering the phone is a way to share the Savior’s love with others. Your tone of voice sets the stage. No matter the situation, God is in control. Hearing the hurt and pain in someone’s voice, that is the time you offer to pray for/with them. (No one has ever said no to me when I have asked to pray with them.) Prayer is calming and shares God’s love.
Sometimes it is hard to share God’s love when the caller is angry, hurt, or frustrated and all they can do is take it out on you. A gentle, soft voice can diffuse anger, but you must be clear that you may not be able to solve their situation.
You aren’t just answering phones; you are touching someone’s life for Jesus. You are a comforter, sounding board, or the information center. Take joy in all the jobs God gives you.

Maggie Cope
Gift In Kind Coordinator

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