Another Chance at Lasting Change…Part 2

May 27, 2016  |     |   General

     So he tried to be “smarter” about his drinking, but the problem was still growing.  One day seven years later, while driving home from work with an open beer in his cup holder, Eric got in a terrible accident.
     He crossed the freeway barrier and t-boned another car.  His car was completed totaled, but the others were okay and all Eric received was a busted lip.  When he came to, Eric’s first thought was, “Where’s my beer?”  It was time for a change.
     They took Eric to county jail where within two weeks he received divorce papers from his wife.  In a flash he had lost everything:  his wife, job, car, respect of his community.  Everything was taken away, and Eric realized he was doing something wrong.
     The judge sentenced Eric to 3-5 years for his DUIs, saying, “I’m sending you to get help.”  In prison Eric attended a substance abuse class, which is when he first let the Lord into his life.  Now that he was sober, he could think clearly about what matters most in life.  So when Eric was released on parole, he chose to move to Open Door Mission.
     It was there that he really let God take control.  Eric joined the Journey to Work Program, and really appreciates the honesty of the Bible-based program.  “It’s not easy, but you can be real here,” said Eric.  “Because everyone else will be real too.  The staff are really here to help, and they don’t let you fake your way through things.”
     Eric is set to end his parole in June and graduate in July.  He feels God is calling him to return to school to become an abuse counselor.  After his second chance, he is following God’s will to give back.

Beatrice Jones
Marketing Coordinator