Amy Grills-Timberlake Outreach Center

Aug 14, 2007  |     |   General

Hi, my name is Amy Grills and I am the receptionist at the Timberlake Outreach Center at the Open Door Mission. My job is to assist people with King’s Kloset registration, food pantries, diapers, fans, furniture appointments and various other needs as they are coming into the Outreach Center. I love my job!

God has really brought to my mind today just how grateful I am for all that He has done for me and how He has grown me and continues to grow me in Him. I remember very clearly feeling like some of the clients I see coming in – overwhelmed, unloved and without hope. I came to the Open Door Mission at what I consider the very worst time of my life and I am amazed everyday how far God has brought me since then. I knew of God’s love for His creation, but I did not know that He could and would forgive me if my heart was right and I was ready to accept Him.

I can’t say enough about our volunteer chapel teams that come into the Outreach Center everyday to tell the people of the community about God’s love and forgiveness. They spend 30 minutes preaching God’s word and then stick around to answer all kinds of questions and to help lead people (who are ready) to the Lord! I have been so blessed to see people from the community come and spend time with a chapel volunteer and the next time I see them, they are changed, smiling and have hope and are involved in a local church. God is so good!

The other thing that God brought to my mind today is how blessed I am to work in a place where we pray as a team each morning before we start our day. We get to pray for our ministry here at the Open Door Mission, for fellow staff, for clients and various other things. Speaking of prayer, I would encourage whoever reads this to pray for the clients here at the Open Door Mission as well as the community coming in. We are in constant need of beds, appliances, dressers, and we especially need fans, air conditioners and bottled water due to the extreme heat! If you can donate financially we would appreciate it, but we would also greatly appreciate your prayers!

If you would like to volunteer your time or talents, please contact Cris Morris at 829-1504, we would love to give you a tour and tell you more about what we do here at the Open Door Mission and at the Timberlake Outreach Center!