Amazing Week

Aug 24, 2009  |     |   General

Very often, more isn’t better, it’s just more. When we are talking about the amazing volunteers who blessed Open Door Mission and the people we serve this week, more is soooo much better!
I love and appreciate every person who comes to serve at ODM, but this has truly been a remarkable week. It started Sunday with over 600 volunteers from 6 different churches. The event was called Step Out, and they sure did.

In addition to projects around the Mission that included landscaping, working in the kitchen, warehouse and freezer, the people of God put together a cook out and carnival that allowed us to invite working poor families in from the community. We opened up the Timberlake Outreach Center on a Sunday and with our awesome volunteers gave away food, clothing, diapers and even furniture. A little rain (we prefer the term liquid sunshine at the Mission),didn’t dampen spirits one little bit, and fun and blessings flowed abundantly.

The fun and blessings weren’t confined to the ODM campus either, as volunteers made over 800 sack lunches and distributed them on the streets. Our Streets of Omaha team on Sunday not only fed 800 people who wouldn’t have eaten otherwise, they were able to visit and pray with people, and share some smiles.
On Thursday, the abundance of blessings flowed again as the Creighton University Law students came down to lend a hand. These friends dove in and helped clean, and inventory, and work in the garden. A small but mighty army dug into the big freezer in the Timberlake Outreach Center and just wouldn’t stop. It was heart warming (even in a sub-zero freezer) to watch the students refuse to leave until they were done, working well past the time they had planned.
I am quite certain I have the greatest job in the world! It continues to be my honor and pleasure to serve God along side the greatest volunteers ever!

Cris Morris
Volunteer and Partner Director