Advice to New Life Program Graduates

Each Friday morning, I am blessed to speak to the students in our New Life Recovery program. Today was very special to me because tomorrow is graduation from the program. Several men and women who have remained steadfast and diligent, are now able to confidently walk across the Open Door Mission stage as individuals whose lives have been changed by our faithful savior, Jesus. As a former graduate, I had a difficult time this past week trying to decide what I wanted to share with them. Then I began to think, “What has kept me from completely falling back into my old lifestyle?” and the Lord began to lead me to the book of Proverbs and to the words of the wise. In Proverbs 23:12 it says, “Apply your heart to instruction and your ears to words of knowledge.” My talk with the students aligned with this scripture. My best advice was to trust in the Lord, and certainly not yourself, and also to seek wise counsel and instruction from confident people that the Lord has placed in your life. These are the teachings that have kept me from danger and poor decisions. When I consider an endeavor or a path of uncertainty, I seek an answer from God and I listen to the elders of my church. Each of these students nodded in agreement and after speaking with them, I am hopeful for their futures! Please pray for our graduates that they can rejoice in this victory and that they can continue a life which reflects Christ.

  • Written by John Horsechief
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