Ability, Skill, and Craftsmanship

Aug 17, 2017  |     |   General

JR Vassar is a pastor at Church at the Cross in Texas.

     JR Vassar said the following in his “Work as Worship” sermon: “Is the spirit of God only concerned if you help teach the bible better, keeping your behavior in check, producing the fruit of Spirit (love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control)? Is the spirit of God only concerned about helping you tell others about the Gospel? Or may the Holy Spirit want to give you ability, intelligence, craftsmanship, skill? I think the Holy Spirit can give wisdom in solving problems to people in their workplace, make wise decisions to move the company forward, and can help you deal with crisis in work. In doing so, He can give you such wisdom and such excellence in your job that it elevates a person to a position of influence in their companies and in their domain. The Holy Spirit wants to give you skill, creativity, and problem solving abilities, and He wants to do this in such a way that you may be elevated to a position of influence. God wants to give skill to His people that they may actually do their jobs with excellence and not live in obscurity. We need to show people how valuable our work is and how we are doing it so the glory of God flourishes. All of life can bring glory and honor to God, but with that there must be increasing dependence on God to get to this point.”
And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. –Colossians 3:17
     I pray this will encourage you today.  Our work matters for the glory of God.  Whatever we do is worship to the Lord to show Him that our work matters.  When Jesus died for our sins and rose again, he sent the Holy Spirit as our helper.  We have the Holy Spirit daily, not just to study the Bible well, or share the gospel well, or to be “super-spiritual,” but for everything we do!
     Whether it’s receiving a donation, giving a guest a toiletry item, typing up an expense report, typing monthly reports, sharing the Gospel, explaining a Bible verse, or giving wisdom to solve a crisis situation, all of this can show God’s glory. God’s glory is shown when we do this with excellence! We should not be working just to check things off our list, but do them well!
     I pray that we would know that we are given ability, skill, intelligence, and craftsmanship to do our ministry well.  Because when our individual ministries flourish, the Mission as a whole flourishes.  If you don’t know what God has given you as ability, skill, intelligence, or craftsmanship, pray and ask Him.  Because God has given us all lots of things!  Our work here at Open Door Mission is a huge testimony of God’s goodness to us, our coworkers, bosses, family, friends, and the world. We have major influence to those people that surround us, so let’s use our influence to bring more into God’s Kingdom!
     I pray that we would be people that do everything for the glory of God and know that doing the everyday tasks will change eternity forever!

Trudy Woodward
Permanent Supportive Housing Director