A Temporary Home

Oct 11, 2011  |     |   General

A young mom on her own
She needs a little help, got no where to go
She’s looking for a job, looking for a way out
‘Cause a half-way house will never be a home
At night she whispers to her baby girl
“Someday we’ll find our place here in this world
This is our temporary home
It’s not where we belong
Windows and rooms that we’re passing through
This is just a stop on the way to where we’re going
I’m not afraid because I know
This is our temporary home”

This verse from the song Temporary Home could be about many of our guests here at the Lydia House. We have several single moms who have found themselves in a place where they need a little help. Some already have jobs and are saving up for a place of their own, others are still looking for work, and still others are confronting other issues in their lives. Thankfully, the Lydia House is here for every state.

Some guests may only need a couple of weeks; others may stay for several months, especially those in one of our Life Changing programs. Remembering that this is a temporary home is an important part of guests’ stay. It is both a motivator and encourager when times are hard and it seems like there is no end in sight.

These past two weeks have been especially encouraging; a single mom who has been at the Lydia House for over a year found safe housing for her and her 3 sons, a graduate of one of our programs was accepted at an apartment on the bus line to her school, and two other families were accepted into a Residential Readiness program.

But even as we praise God for His faithfulness in these individuals, we continue to pray for new families and single women who move in every day. Thank you for supporting the Lydia House and Open Door Mission as we continue to be a temporary home for so many in need.

Amanda Vanderpool
Lydia House