A Tale of Two Summers Part 4

Summer is a more challenging season than winter for so many people we serve at Open Door Mission.

A Tale of Two Summers began on this blog a few weeks ago. Here’s the story of Mimi and Pete from last summer:

Mimi and Pete barely scraped by during summer, having to stretch their budget to the limit to provide most breakfasts and lunches for their three school-aged children. When school was in session, those meals were covered—but not during summer break. There are often places kids can go for those meals during the summer. But with both parents working, it becomes the responsibility of the child to go get that meal. Sometimes, that just doesn’t happen.

This summer, Mimi and Pete make it a point to visit our Council Bluffs Family  Donation/Outreach Center, where they supplement their household budget with clothing, food, household items, and even box fans to help beat the heat.  Open Door Mission’s Family Donation/Outreach Centers keep hundreds of families in food and clothing when money is tight.

One summer finds a family making choices between paying for the groceries or paying for rent; the next summer they can receive just what they need to thrive. It’s a tale of two summers, and you make a difference through your gifts of time, resources, and prayer on behalf of Open Door Mission.

Candace Gregory

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