A Tale of Faithfulness

Sep 23, 2016  |     |   General

     I recently was able to witness a volunteer bless a woman who was staying at the Lydia House. 
     Early in the week, this woman was accepted for an apartment that she loved, but the complex required a $180 administration fee that she couldn’t pay.  This woman had already faced SO many setbacks in securing housing, and was beginning to lose hope.  Her assistance was on the edge of expiration, pending on if she signed a lease, but she couldn’t sign until the fee was paid
     The next day, this woman and some other ladies from the Lydia House were praying into this situation during lunch when a volunteer came over and asked what they were praying for.  They explained the story to him, and the volunteer graciously decided to pay the fee for her.  She signed the lease the following morning!
     Each time this woman had faced a setback in her search for housing, her first response had been to pray and trust God.  It was amazing to see her faithfulness, this volunteer’s faithfulness, and (of course) God’s faithfulness!

Ashley Carlson
Lydia House Case Manager