A Story of True Love

Jun 29, 2015  |     |   General

     “I was just 12 years old, Holly was 13 when we met,” Scott recalls fondly.  The two have always loved each other, holding on to one another through troubled times.  Life has not been kind to Scott or Holly.
     Holly grew up in an abusive, dysfunctional, and constantly moving family.  After Holly’s father threatened her with a gun, she confided in a school counselor.  This lead to six months in foster care and unhealthy ways to cope.  She jumped from boyfriend to boyfriend, and became addicted to drugs.  “Eventually it became my life,” Holly said.
     Scott grew up with a mother and step father addicted to drugs and alcohol.  “I was expected to provide for the family.  Rent was on me, so I started selling—and I was good at it,” said Scott.   At age 12 or 13, Scott was already on endless probation for charges of vandalism, possession, and more.  Eventually Scott’s mother grew worried the violence and drugs would be the end of him, so she turned him in at age 16.
     One year later, Scott chose to be released into a foster family who began introducing him to a relationship with God.  However, before long he was back to selling drugs, the ability to make good money was too tempting.
     Though Scott and Holly had children with other people, they had been off and on since childhood.  They got married in 2012 and encountered struggles immediately.  On their wedding day, Holly’s mother kicked them out due to a dislike for Scott.  The couple stayed with her sister and couch hopped until finding a place of their own.
     Dysfunction, selfishness, and addiction caught up with them.  Scott landed in jail, leaving Holly evicted and homeless with two young boys.  They went from shelter to shelter with no real rest or recovery.  Then Holly heard about Open Door Mission.
     “It was amazing!  I was told I could keep my boys and we could stay together,” said Holly.  “I cannot begin to imagine having to choose between my boys and homelessness.”  Open Door Mission is the only option for families seeking recovery without resorting to foster care.
     Holly later heard from Scott’s mother that he was in treatment.  Despite wanting to file for divorce, Holly called Scott.
     “To hear from her after all that…I knew God’s hand was in it,” said Scott.  “Holly was my first love.  If there was any way to get that back, I wanted to try.”  Holly accepted Scott back, provided that he come to Open Door Mission.  They were finally back together as a family again.
     Scott and Holly leapt into the program head first together, even taking extra parenting classes.  Holly graduated June 6, and Scott this past February.  They were recently awarded a car through the Wheels of Hope program.
     “God has redeemed our marriage and family!  We are growing closer together more than ever…and we are so very in love now that we have that spiritual foundation,” said Holly.  Their family has been made new, and they look forward to living each adventure God will set before them.