A Special Advent Calendar

Most of us are familiar with Advent calendars. Children love the ones that have piece of candy or other treat. There are some “adult” ones that count down the time you have to have everything ready for the holiday (I call them stress calendars). I would like to share a special Advent calendar that the whole family can be involved with. Not only will you have a unique calendar, but you will be blessing others.

Start with a box, then add each item everyday (more than one if you want) and then donate the box of food to Open Door Mission…to bless others.

December 1: Box of Cereal  December 2: Jar of Peanut Butter December 3: Box of Stuffing Mix       December 4: Boxed Potatoes                               December 5: Macaroni & Cheese                       December 6: Canned Fruit                                 December 7: Can of Tomatoes  December 8: Canned Tuna   December 9: Dessert Mix  December 10: Jar of Applesauce  December 11: Canned Sweet Potatoes                               December 12: Canned Cranberry Sauce December 13: Canned Green Beans                       December 14: Box of Crackers  December 15:Package of Rice                                                 December 16: Package of Oatmeal December 17: Package of Pasta                                           December 18: Spaghetti Sauce  December 19: Can of Chicken Noodle Soup                                           December 20: Can of Tomato Soup  December 21: Can of Corn                                               December 22: Can of Mixed Vegetables  December 23: Can of Carrots                                 December 24: Can of Beans






Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator


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