A Shoulder on the Streets to Cry On

Jul 21, 2017  |     |   General

Hidden among the streets are tents like these, where
the hungry and homeless seek shelter.

     She sat on a blanket made of leaves and dirt. She had tears running down her face and would barely look at me or any of the Streets of Omaha volunteers that day. So I put a bottle of water by her feet and told her Jesus loves her and we left.
     One week later, the same lady was at the same park, tears still running down her face. I walked over and sat in the grass with our volunteer named Kim. We did not say a word at first. We just sat and drank a bottle of water next to her. She seemed relieved and thankful that we sat in silence with her, and then she quietly laid her head on my shoulder and cried. She didn’t say a word.  She just cried, and I let her. I felt the Holy Spirit tell me to just be still.
     Kim put her hand on this sweet lady’s back and whispered, “You can do it, one day at a time.” She whispered a few more words of affirmation to, and we said a quiet prayer over her. As we walked away she said in a gentle voice, “Thank you. I am thankful for love.”
     We don’t know what was wrong and we didn’t need to. We do know that God was at work in her heart and that sometimes you just need to be still and let God do what He does best. On Streets of Omaha we get to do that every day. 

Jessica Coffey
Volunteer Program Coordinator