A New Way of Life

Just because you are homeless, does not mean you are talentless. Open Door Mission is blessed to see this truth all around us every day. So, when the Mission was in need of an artist, men staying at the Garland Thompson Men’s Center recommended we visit Mitch, a student who was in the New Life Recovery Program.
He was asked to help create a sign for Omaha Gives! and he gladly accepted the challenge. As he was drawing, he shared why he was so happy to help. “I used to be involved in a lot of bad stuff. Drugs, prison, you name it. When I was ready to clean my life up, the Mission gave me a place to go.”
Mitch has been drawing ever since he can remember. He gives credit of his penmanship to his mother and his artistic side from his Father. “I’ve taken bits and pieces of advice and style from different artists from where I’ve been over the years and created my own style.” When asking him how his art helps him, he states, “My art helps me stay sober. It gives me an outlet to release my creativity and thoughts onto paper.“
“What happens when someone gives to Open Door Mission?” We ask him. He replies with confidence, “When you give to Open Door Mission, you’re giving to hope. You’re giving to a second chance. A true change. A new way of life.“

Lauren Catlett
Communications Specialist

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