A New Bike

Prayer is a powerful thing. My friend Marianne was going through a rough patch last year. I was praying for her, but felt she needed more prayers. I asked her if I could share her prayer needs with my students in the Parenting class I teach. The ladies are great prayer warriors; they readily embraced Marianne’s need for prayers.
After a few weeks, Marianne shared with the class how important their prayers had been in changing lives. Flash forward to the present, Marianne is moving to Alabama and found herself needing to leave her brand new bike here in Omaha. She decided to donate it to a deserving lady at the Lydia House that was in the New Life Recovery Program, was taking/had taken my Parenting class and had shown positive change in her life. Annilee was chosen by Lydia House staff to receive the bike. Marianne is blessed by prayers, Annilee is blessed with a new bike. I love the way God works!

Maggie Cope
Gift In Kind Coordinator

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