A Message from Open Door Mission’s Director of Community Services

Aug 4, 2008  |     |   General

Another day in the life, some people like to use the old saying “another day, another dollar.” at the Timberlake Outreach Center it’s more than that. Hi, my name is Dan Applegate. I am Director of Community Services at the Open Door Mission. Sounds like a pretty important title but I look as myself as a humble servant. It’s never another day or dollar at the Mission. In all actuality it is another opportunity to share Christ with people. What more do you want out of an 8 hour shift. I could talk about 98 degree heat with 75 % humidity or families with no fans or air conditioning in their homes. Or I could talk about $4 a gallon gas and milk. Or I could talk about mom and dads trying to choose between paying the rent or buying school clothes and supplies for the kids. But, who wants to hear boring stories of other people’s daily struggles. Well if you’re like me, you do. So what more do you need to know. It’s tough out there. I see families and mothers with young children everyday and I see their struggles. People of all kinds come into the Timberlake Outreach Center daily. People that have been laid off from their jobs. People that have been extremely ill. People that have endured one disaster after another. For many there seems to be no hope. That’s when I say another day another dollar. Not hardly. That’s a chance to share Jesus. To let people know that God loves them and he is still in control. Sometimes things do look bleak. But, with Jesus there’s always hope. Thanks for reading and may God bless you and your family for supporting the Open Door Mission.