A message from Dwight

Jun 27, 2008  |     |   General

Greetings to all the supporters of the Open Door Mission who read this blog daily. This is Dwight. I serve in the men’s recovery department, ans work with the men in the New Life Recovery Program and the Journey to Work Program. Friday’s are a busy day for the men. After devotions at 8am, we have our Community meeting. Stan takes the lead, he gives out promotions, discusses up coming events the men may be involved with or interested in participating in, he brings up praises, any repair items, and prayer requests. After our meeting, I take over and supervise Keep Omaha Beautiful. This is a program that benefit’s the city and our men. The city pays our men to pick up trash along the gateway to the city (Abbott Drive). This allows the men to get some exercise, and earn a few dollars. Some men save for old fines or spend with case manager Tony Miller’s approval. The end of my day on Fridays comes when all the trash bags are picked up off the streets and the van is cleaned and back in order. I then pay all the men who participated in Keep Omaha Beautiful. This makes a somewhat hectic day for me but a satisfying one. God bless all and thank you for your support of the Open Door Mission.