A Life Recommited

May 18, 2015  |     |   General

     Several nights ago, I went through the intake process with a new guest named Frank.  He is joining the New Life Recovery Program.  As we went through his basic information, I asked how his relationship was with Christ.  He said, “I have left the Lord.”
     He received Christ seven years ago, but left Christ after two years of walking with him.  I shared some precious promises of forgiveness and asked if he wanted a do over.  He did and we prayed.  He said afterward, “I feel like a weight has lifted off of my shoulders.”
     Please keep him in your prayers.  Our Day House Supervisor will be able to follow up with Frank very soon, as discipleship is key in building a lasting relationship with Christ.  What a blessing it is to see God radically change lives at Open Door Mission!

Greg Johnston

Intake/Case Manager