A Life Changed

Oct 5, 2010  |     |   General

The other night, I listened briefly to Bill Maher, as he was being interviewed on TV. What caught my attention was Mr. Maher was talking about God. Bill said, “No intelligent, logical person in their right mind could believe in a God that you can’t see or talk to!” And I thought, “Yeah, right. You don’t know Linda’s (real name not used) story! Her story not only doesn’t even sound logical – it doesn’t sound possible! Who else BUT God could have done this?”

12 years ago, Linda’s use of crack cocaine depleted her monthly check in a couple of days. Every month! Linda made her mother payee so her bills could get paid and she and her children wouldn’t become homeless. Linda never quit using crack cocaine, and always came up with enough to get high on. But, this was never the life God intended for Linda

This past April, Linda was praying before, during and after she used. She felt ashamed and wanted a different future for herself. She decided to leave everything behind and seek help. Linda and her children have resided at Open Door Mission’s Lydia House since May, 2010. This is her first treatment after being addicted for over 15 years of her life. She is graduating October 9, 2010! God has completely filled Linda everywhere crack once did! Now Linda is living the life God intended for her! She is not shy about telling everyone what Jesus has done for her and we feel so blessed to be witness to her transformation!

Open Door Mission’s Graduation program for participants of our New Life Recovery and Journey to Work programs is October 9, 2010. Every graduate’s story is unique and amazing. If you come, you are guaranteed to not leave dry eyed. Linda is just one shining example of God’s love and His blessings found at Lydia House and other Open Door Mission programs. Thank you for your continued support and prayers for the work of His chosen ones!

Kelli Young
Lydia House Case Manager

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