A Letter of Gratitude

In May, my three siblings and I were able to meet you and take a tour of Lydia House and the Open Door Mission. I would be amiss if I didn’t mention how overwhelming it was to walk through the building while listening to your description of the services you offer. I specifically remember walking in to the storage room you have for diapers and other baby items. I was absolutely overwhelmed by the sight of such abundant supplies that are provided for women and their children.

You see, our mother way physically and emotionally abused for years. It was in 1964 she made the difficult decision to leave the marriage and raise us six kids on her own. She had nothing. No wonderfully supplied social services, no income, but she had the Lord. If she had been able to walk into a room like you have, filled high to the ceiling with vital supplies for a family, she would have cried with gratitude just like I did when I walked in to view your facilities. I hope, somehow, you can understand the stress that you relieve from every woman who walks into Lydia House.

I am especially thankful to see that you not only rely on the Lord to carry out the Mission of Lydia House, but you also lift up His name and guide women toward a relationship with “the One’ who provides all of our needs. What you do is priceless and life changing.

With that said, we want to honor you with a check toward the Lydia House for $1,000 as a memorial to our mother. Although the years were long and the road very rough, she always held on to hope, It is that same hope in the Lord that I pray you are able to instill in the hearts of every life you touch.

Open Door Mission Estate Donor

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